Great River Road

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The Great River Road, a national scenic byway, travels 3,000 miles along both sides of the Mississippi River from its headwaters in the Minnesota northwoods to the Gulf of Mexico.  In the Travel Along the River Section of the road, you’ll do exactly that — travel along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi. The Travel Beyond the River section lets you explore the entirety of the 10 states the Great River Road goes through.

The drive along the Great River Road provides you the opportunity to learn more about the river, appreciate its natural wonder and become familiar with the communities along its banks.

Charles Young, a native of Muscatine, devoted much of his life to the creation of the Great River Road and suggested the design for the Great River Road’s green and white signs which bear the familiar pilot’s wheel.  Highway 22 east of Muscatine, part of the Great River Road, lets you experience spectacular views of the mighty river we share.

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